Crowned as Montenegro’s flagship ski center, Ski Center Kolašin 1600m lives up to it’s title. Located just over an hour away from the capital Podgorica, this mountain offers over 40 kilometers of trails and unmatched views of the surrounding mountains. Kolašin 1600m is a great family environment and has fun après skiing as well. A ticket here will cost you about 20 euros.

Skiing at Kolasin 1600m in Montenegro


When in Kolašin it can be difficult to decide whether to ski Kolašin 1600m or it’s smaller brother and neighbor Kolašin 1450m. When deciding between to two, your riding style is most important to take into consideration. If you prefer riding trails over freeriding, then Kolasin 1600m is the right choice for you. Though, Kolasin 1600m still has great freeriding, Kolašin 1450m takes the cake in this category. While Kolašin 1600m offers an unmatched set of trails with unmatched views. From the top of the mountain you have a 360 degree view of Montenegro for as far as your eye can see. On a clear day you can see most of Montenegro from the top. This view makes for great pictures and an incredible riding experience. Also, the mountain has a fantastic restaurant at it’s base called Troglava and an awesome cabin halfway down the slope (off of trail #6) that serves limited food and refreshments. Nothing like enjoying a warm cup of coffee, then instantly strapping in and riding down the mountain. The locals in Kolašin are another reason to ski here. Whichever mountain you decide on, be sure to get close with the locals. They will show you are the secret lines and they are a blast to ride with.

Skiing at Kolasin 1600m in Montenegro
The view from the top of Kolasin 1600m


Ski Center Kolašin 1600m has taken your family’s well-being into heavy consideration when designing this resort. So much so that they built an indoor play center right next to the ski lift. This center features a playscape and toys to keep the little ones busy all day. Also, the resort has sleds on the base of the slope to get them involved in the winter activities.

Faris and I enjoying a coffee on the slopes


Kolašin, Montenegro offers many of great hotels and cabins located just minutes away from the mountain. A night here will cost you anywhere 10 to 100 euros a night. Shuttles run to and from the mountain and town throughout the day, so you don’t have to drive if you don’t feel like it. For a high budget, I recommend Bianca Resort and Spa. This is a contemporary hotel offering a spa, indoor pools & a sauna, plus a restaurant, 2 bars & a nightclub. For a mid-range budget, I recommend staying at the Chalet Kolašin for it’s rustic and family environment. If you’re on a tight budget like me, I recommend grabbing a room at Rooms Lisicic. They offer the essentials, but you will still be comfortable.

Skiing at Kolasin 1600m in Montenegro


For the first half of the season my group of friends and I only skied Kolašin 1450m because we had such an amazing time freeriding there that we couldn’t imagine how skiing Kolasin 1600m could be any better. After eventually riding every possible variation of Kolašin 1450m, we gave this mountain a try and realized we’ve been missing out. Upon reaching the top I was quickly stunned by the view. I couldn’t believe how far I could see into the distance. So far that we spotted out a line that we rode all the way in Bogicevica a few days before. Once I rode down the first slope I was cursing myself for waiting so long to try this mountain out. It was unreal. As always, we came on a powder day and this mountain, being bigger than its neighbor, had some real steep slopes to tear up. It’s pretty funny how my friends and I can go almost an entire day without touching a groomed trail. It’s like we play a giant game of “the trail is lava.” After this first visit, we spent the rest of the season riding Kolašin 1600m. Everyday on this mountain is a dream and for the price of 15 euros you really can’t beat skiing in Kolašin.

20 seconds in Kolasin


Ski center Kolasin 1600m trail map

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