Vodopad Grlja, Grlja Waterfall in English, is a powerful addition to the small village of Vusanje, Montenegro. The waterfall is powered by water from the amazing natural spring, Eye of the Grasshopper and fresh snow melt from the surrounding Accursed Mountains. The water dives about 12m down into a deep canyon, then connects with water […]


I discovered Doberdol after hiking from the village of Cerem on my first ever Peaks of the Balkans Trek. I’ll never forget the sound of my first morning in the village. The sound of hundreds of livestock singing in unison like an orchestra shook me out of my slumber. I couldn’t believe animals could be […]


Plavsko Jezero, Lake Plav in English, is the heart and soul of Plav. In fact, the town of Plav’s name is literally translated to, “Blue,” after the color of the lake. I spent my favorite summers on the docks of Lake Plav. On a nice summer day you will see these docks fill up with […]


Established in 1966, Theth National Park lies in the Shala Valley at the heart of the Accursed Mountain Range in northern Albania. This stunning valley is home to a diverse ecosystem featuring glacial springs, unique rock formations, waterfalls, dense forests and a beautiful river. The protected national park is of pristine quality and largely remote. […]


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