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Bogićevica National Park is where I discovered my love for the great outdoors and nature. I had many firsts here. My first ski tour and my first real hike took place in this special place. Bogićevica is my home and I am forever connected to it’s mountains, streams and rolling green pastures. Located within the spectacular Accursed Mountain Range, Bogićevica is full of raw adventure and undisturbed natural beauty.

The majority of the national park is located in the town of Plav in Montenegro, but it also spreads into parts of Albania (Doberdol) and Kosovo. With that being said, Bogićevica is most easily accessible from Plav, but also from Peja, Kosovo and Northern Albania. The park features over 15 peaks that are over 2,000m in height. As you can imagine, there is plenty of hiking to do.

Katun Bogićevica
Katun Bogićevica

The mountain Tromeđa (2,366m) is one of the most famous because it’s peak marks the meeting of the borders of Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. At the top you can stand in three countries at once! Some other notable mentions are Maja Rops (2,502m), Rock Bogićevica (2,374m) and Hrid Rock (2,358m). The last two which look directly over the famous Lake Hrid.


Hiking – There are endless hikes in Bogićevica. Most famous is the Peaks of the Balkans Trail that passes through the park. A few other favorites are the hikes to Tromeđa (2,366m) , Pasji Vrh (2,376m) and to Starac (2,426m).

Rock Bogićevica (2,374m) over looking Katun Bogićevica
Rock Bogićevica (2,374m) over looking Katun Bogićevica

Visit Lake HridLake Hrid is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Montenegro. The lake sits just below Rock Bogićevica (2,374m) and Hrid Rock (2,358m) making it the perfect place to spend the day swimming and hiking. Legend has it that swimming in it’s enchanted waters brings you good luck in marriage and in health. Try your luck!

Lake Hrid
Lake Hrid

Backcountry Skiing – Bogićevica is heaven for backcountry skiing. The entire park is absolutely full of fresh powder all winter long and has endless lines just waiting to be torn apart. You can ride an entire winter here and not ride the same line twice. Once the season hits, you won’t find me anywhere else, but tearing up these slopes. Click here if you want to join me!

backcountry skiing Bogicevica
Spotting a line in near Starac (2,426m)

Mountain Biking – Trails for mountain biking are also endless and pristine. Here you will find amazing views on soft dirt trails winding through lush blueberry bushes and green pastures. You will have to hike up, but I guarantee it’s worth the ride down.

Mountain Biking Paradise

Go Off-Roading – Taking an off-road jeep ride is a great way to see all the beauty of the park in one day. Hop in a 4×4 and get to it! If you are interested, here is a link to my off-road jeep adventure in Bogićevica.

Explore the Katun – In the summertime shepherds and their families settle in the park for the summer and live the traditional lifestyle. It is a beauty to see and experience first hand. Walking through the Katun you will see old shacks that have stood there for generations. Don’t be shy. Communicate with them and buy some fresh cheese and milk!


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