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The Accursed Mountain Range, also known as Prokletije, changed my life. After my first adventure here I knew so clearly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life here. This mountain range is awe-inspiring, powerful and massive. You can spend an entire lifetime exploring it and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Here’s all you need to know about Southeastern Europe’s hidden Gem, the Accursed Mountain Range.

Buni Jezerce in the Accursed Mountain Range
The Great Valley of Lakes


The Accursed Mountain Range is shared between the three countries Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, with the mountains serving as the border. This makes for unique border-crossing experiences while summitting peaks. Like the Alps, Rockies and Himalayas, the Accursed Mountains are considered “young,” mountains. Their peaks are still rugged and raw. They stand freshly carved by massive glaciers leaving steep and stunning valleys like Ropojana and Grebaje in Montenegro.

Lake Hrid in the Accursed Mountain Range
Lake Hrid in Montenegro

The geography of the Accursed Mountain Range features, glacial lakes (Buni Jezerce, Lake Hrid), karst water springs (Blue Eye, Eye of the Grasshopper), waterfalls (Grlja), and glacial valleys (Ropojana, Grebaje). These mountains are filled with all the natural wonder you’ve been craving.

Ropojana Valley in the Accursed Mountain Range
Ropojana Valley

Standing at a bold 2694m, the tallest mountain in the Accursed Mountains is Maja Jezerce in Albania. Gjeravica (2,656m) in Kosovo comes in a close second. Though these are the most famous peaks, there are many more lesser known mountains that would give either of them a run for their money.


The most enjoyed way of experiencing the Accursed Mountains is through trekking the Peaks of the Balkans. This trail loops through the entire mountain range crossing through Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. It it takes anywhere from 8-12 days to complete depending on your pace and route. On this trek you can enjoy the best the Accursed Mountain Range has to offer and find peace in it’s vastness.

Peaks of the Balkans Trail Map
Peaks of the Balkans Trail Map

If a hike of that size is intimidating to you, have no fear, there are endless day trips for every level of adventurer. Luckily, the Accursed Mountains are easily accessed by either of the three countries so day hikes are plentiful. My favorite day hike in the mountain range is either the hike to Talijanka in Grebaje, Montenegro, or the hike to Maja Bojs in Albania.


If you are looking for the best experience in the Accursed Mountains, contact me at Balkan Mountain Adventure Company. Adventure is what I do. These experiences have changed my life forever. I want everyone to share the joy of the mountains with me. BLKNMTN gives you the opportunity to explore like a local and have the adventure of a lifetime. Click the link for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions!


Talijanka Peak in the Accursed Mountain Range
Talijanka Peak

Not only are these mountains home to exceptional hikes, but they also serve as a special sanctuary for any powder junkies like myself. Our winters are filled with plentiful powder days until April and there is a wide variety of terrain for every rider. Backcountry skiing in the Accursed Mountains is top tier riding. Do take note that this is a dangerous sport and you should not participate without a proper guide and avalanche gear. Contact me below if you are interested.

Ski touring in the Accursed Mountain Range
Ski Touring in the Accursed Mountains


Though the remarkable geography of the Accursed Mountains is obviously special, this is not it’s defining trait. The unique mix of culture is what makes it so special. Due to war and political tensions, it was only 20 years ago that this mountain range was completely off limits to outsiders. Ironically, what previously separated the countries of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo is now bringing them closer together than ever.

Communist era Albanian Bunker
Communist Era Albanian Bunker on the Trail

It took years of collaboration, trust and the efforts of many good people to be able to freely trek across these borders. The border crossing Peaks of the Balkans Trek is a beacon of how far we have come as a region and a sign that our future is bright.

The three different cultures melt together creating a unique experience that you can only find here. It’s an amazing feeling to start off a trek in one country and finish in another. No matter which country you end up in the locals are going to treat you like friends. Hospitality is big here. If someone offers you something, do not be shy and take it in grace. Trust me, they offer because they enjoy your company. I can’t tell you how many coffees shared with old shepherds in their mountain huts. Funny enough, some of the most special conversations I’ve ever had were with people who had no idea what I was even saying.

Sharing a drink on the Peaks of the Balkans
Sharing a shot of Rakija with a local at his hut on the way to Doberdol


The reason why you should visit the Accursed Mountain Range is simple, real adventure still lives here. These mountains are a hidden secret in Europe. While exploring them you are discovering them for yourself. There aren’t hoards of tourists and true isolation can be found here. The people are amazing and the mountains even more spectacular.

If you are in search of a trip that will leave you feeling refreshed and awe-inspired, come visit us in the Accursed Mountain Range. Our natural wonders are waiting to be discovered by you. Your next great adventure is waiting for you. All you have to do is decide.


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