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Oko Skakavice, Grasshopper’s Eye in English, is an amazing karst spring in the Ropojana Valley that resembles a blue eye. It is often called “The Wonder of the Prokletije Mountain Range.” The outflow of ground water is so clear that you can see right to the bottom of its deepest depths. The eye is about 25m wide and the well runs about 70m deep.


To get to the Grasshopper’s eye you will begin at the grass lot at the start of the Ropojana Valley. On your right will be the famous waterfall Grlja. Continue on the gravel road into the valley and go left at the fork. Follow the road for about a kilometer. When you come to the trail sign pictured below, take the trail on your left down to Oko Skakavice. If you are trekking The Peaks of The Balkans Trail, you will pass right by the spring as well.

Vusanje Trail Head


During the late Spring and Early summer the spring is at its fullest with the snow melt. There are multiple waterfalls feeding into this spring at this time. The spring is full at all times of the year. Rarely, the water level will drop and you can walk into its cave. One thing is for sure though, no matter what time of year it is, the water is always just above freezing. Swimming here is only for the brave.

The natural spring is a wonderful addition to any day in Ropojana Valley. You can spend hours here taking in the raw beauty. It’s good fun for everyone. It is dubbed the “Wonder of Prokletije,” for good reason. Visiting Oko Skakavice will leave you in wonder. It’s not everyday that nature can bring this emotion out of you. Whenever in this corner of Montenegro, you must visit the Grasshopper’s Eye.

After visiting Oko Skakavice you can follow the water downstream to the famous waterfall Grlja. Or continue into the valley for another 4km to Lake Ropojan.


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