If you are looking for something to do in Podgorica, the search is over. I came across this gem while randomly riding my bike on the outskirts of Podgorica. Luckily, I had just bought a pair of swimming shorts from a local open market and had them in my backpack. Even though it was a chilly day in April, once I saw the water, I had no choice but to jump into it’s icy depths. Don’t worry, in the summer months Podgorica is basically an oven so you’ll be looking forward to the refreshing water. I think you, too, will find yourself cliff jumping in Podgorica.

Cijevna river in Podgorica, Montenegro


Located just outside the city center, with emerald blue water stemming from an endless network of waterfalls and a fantastic restaurant by the water, Cijevna is the perfect place to escape the infamous Podgorica heat. To find this gem simply type in “Vodopad Niagara,” into your GPS. Here you can park your car and enjoy all that the fresh water river has to offer. Once you arrive, follow the restaurants terrace down to the water side and follow the river south until you reach the main waterfall. From here you can enjoy the natural beauty. Head further down river when you are ready for a swim.

Waterfalls in Podgorica, Montenegro


With a number of locations to jump from you can spend an entire day experimenting on the cliffs. There are a few paths along the river that lead you down to the water so don’t waste your time trying to climb up and down the rocks. It is dangerous and the rocks are sharp. Head down a bit and eventually you will come across a path. If cliff jumping isn’t your cup of tea, this location also offers great swimming and an awesome environment to soak up the blazing Podgorica sun. This spot is a local favorite and unknown to most foreigners, so as always, respect the locals, make some new friends, learn some culture and enjoy!


As almost all of my adventures, this one was impromptu. I came to the river by accident and only planned on taking some pictures of the waterfalls. It was only about 60 degrees out and everyone was still wearing sweatshirts, but I could not let this incredible opportunity pass. I sat on the edge of one of the cliffs for a half an hour making deciding whether or not to jump. When I finally committed in my mind, I ask a couple of Turkish travelers to film for me. They told me I was crazy, but were excited to watch the crazy man jump into the freezing mountain runoff. I changed quickly, stepped up to the edge of the cliff and sent my first gainer in years. I ended up over rotating and doing a majestic back flop into the water. Shocked by the cold water and slap on my back I swam for my life back to land. As always, I did not regret jumping in. I have a friend Jessy who has a saying whenever entering cold water, “you never regret it.” He has yet to be proven wrong. I will surely be back in the summer and spend an entire day flipping and flopping into this beautiful river when the weather is more forgiving.

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