Conveniently located a bit over an hour outside of the capital Podgorica, Ski Center Kolašin 1450m offers one of the best lift/riding ratios I have experienced. Currently, this ski center boasts just one lift, but that one lift leads you to over 17 kilometers of trails and endless opportunities for freeriding. This mountain is family friendly and offers a nice environment for après skiing as well. A lift ticket here will only cost you about 15 euros.

Ski lift at kolasin 1450m, Montenegro


As you may know bigger isn’t always better. When deciding between Kolašin 1450m and its bigger brother Kolašin 1600m, located right next door, your riding style is the deciding factor. Kolašin 1450m offers amazing forests for free riding and untouched trails that sets it apart from it’s neighbor. If you prefer riding on powder rather than trails, then Kolašin 1450m is for you. If you are lucky enough to experience a powder day here, you are in for the time of your life. You can ride an entire day without doing the same line twice. Every trail has endless freeride variations and the groomers are nice enough to leave a few trails untouched for us powder junkies. The groomed trails are great as well.

A tree run through Kolasin 1450m


Ski Center Kolašin 1450m offers a great family environment. A comfortable cabin and restaurant that has a gigantic fire place to warm up by. Your family will have no trouble spending the day here. Also, on the base of the slopes there are sleds to let the little ones get involved in the winter activities.

Base of Kolasin 1450m, montenegro


Kolašin, Montenegro offers many of great hotels and cabins located just minutes away from the mountain. A night here will cost you anywhere 10 to 100 euros a night. Shuttles run to and from the mountain and town throughout the day, so you don’t have to drive if you don’t feel like it. For a high budget, I recommend Bianca Resort and Spa. This is a contemporary hotel offering a spa, indoor pools & a sauna, plus a restaurant, 2 bars & a nightclub. For a mid-range budget, I recommend staying at the Chalet Kolašin for it’s rustic and family environment. If you’re on a tight budget like me, I recommend grabbing a room at Rooms Lisicic. They offer the essentials, but you will still be comfortable.

Ski lift in Kolasin 1450m


I was lucky enough to visit Kolašin 1450m six times in one season. My group of friends are all freeriders so we would only go after the mountain just received a fresh pack of powder. That being said, every single day was a dream. The conditions and riding were so good that, even when starving, taking half a hour for lunch was a tough decision.

I had some of the best ski days of my life on this mountain. Every single time the lift took us up we found a new way down, carving our way through the forest and catching some air off of the natural features. The locals at the mountain make the experience unique. Open yourself up to them and make some new friends. They will be more than happy to show you all the secret spots known only to them.

If you do get to know a local, ask them about the legendary tree run that is saved for the last run of the day. This run is absolutely insane. It takes you down the back side of the mountain through what seems like an endless forest until you reach a creek at the bottom. The reason it’s saved for the end of the day is because you have to walk or have someone pick you up from the bottom because it leads you away from the center. Believe me it’s worth the 15 minute walk back to the car. A day at Ski Center Kolašin 1450m is a day you will not forget.

skiing kolasin 1450
The boys after completing the end of the day secret tree run


Kolasin 1450m trail map
Kolasin 1450 Trail Map

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