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Everyone knows that the greatest reward for a hike is view from the top. Now, imagine a hike where you get rewarded with what is possibly the best view of the Prokletije (Accursed) Mountain Range for almost the entire hike. That is exactly why this is Grebaje’s greatest hike and maybe even in the whole region of Northern Montenegro.

This hike, which I am officially dubbing the “Triple Threat,” is a ridgeline hike that will take you to Katun Volušnica, followed by the two peaks Talijanka and Popadija. Almost the entirety of the hike is characterized by a breathtaking backdrop shown in the picture below. Also, it is a wonderful addition to the Peaks of the Balkans Trail.

The view from the top of Talijanka, Montenegro showing the prokletije mountain range
The view from the top of Talijanka featuring the ridgeline that will be hiked


Grebaje’s greatest hike begins from the depths of Grebaje Valley in Gusinje, Montenegro and loops back around to where you started. The trail begins right after the entrance to the National Park. Pay your one euro entrance fee and take a right at the trail marker marking the start of the trail. Follow the sign that says Volušnica.

DURATION: 5 hours

DISTANCE: 10 kilometers

ELEVATION GAIN: 800 meters


Popadija Peak at sunset
Popadija Peak at sunset

Starting from the trail head right after the entrance to the National Park you will begin your climb. The first and toughest part of the hike is the initial climb through the forest. While your legs and lungs burn, remember the view that is waiting for you once you get out of the canopy. I promise it will all be worth the struggle.

Once out from the forest, you have reached Katun Volušnica. Continue on the trail bringing yourself to the ridgeline and enjoy the view. Follow the ridgeline continuing to gain elevation until you reach the peak of Talijanka. After Talijanka you have a short decent and accent to the peak of Popadija.

Descend Popadija and take a right bringing you back to Katun Volušnica where you will descend back into the forest and complete the hike in Grebaje Valley.


If you like what you see and want to be guided by a local, this hike is a part of the tour I provide with Balkan Mountain Adventure Company. Adventure is what I do. These experiences have changed my life forever. I want everyone to share the joy of the mountains with me and experience the wonders of my home. BLKNMTN gives you the opportunity to explore like a local and have the adventure of a lifetime. Click the link for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions!



My first time doing Grebaje’s greatest hike was like winning the weather conditions lottery. I did the hike with my buddy Dino Mulamekic in hopes to catch a good sunset. We started hiking and saw what looked like rain clouds rolling in. We stopped to think for a second and decided to send it anyways.

An amazing decision was made. We arrived to the peaks of Talijanka and Popadija with our heads inside of clouds burning orange from the sun. This was my first time completing this hike and the view completely caught me off guard. It was like nothing I had seen before. The way the Karanfil Mountains seem to jut out of the sky is incredible.

The sun’s orange glow set everything on fire. The grass, mountains and sky radiated an incredible glow that will be forever burned in my memory. Our lucky conditions were just the cherry on top. This hike is unforgettable on the most uninteresting of days.

The view of Talijanka peak from the top of Popadija
The view of Talijanka peak from the top of Popadija


  1. Your Prokletije posts have been so helpful for planning our trip. I did notice that there are three ways to reach Talijanka. As far as best views go, would it be better to take the northern loop that passes by Volusnica and Popadija or take the route up Grebaje valley reaching Talijanka from the west and then taking Volusnica on the return hike. Thanks!

    1. Hey Ryan, thank you much man. I’m assuming you already have hiked since this is two months late. I just got back from a trip in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. I hope you hiked the loop counter clockwise (popadija then talijanka) as this way you face the best views while hiking.

    1. Hey! It will be available, but with a spring snow pack at the top. In these conditions, I recommend only hiking to Volusnica Peak. It is accessible with little danger and still has the same amazing view. I would stay away from Talijanka and Popadija unless you will have crampons. Enjoy your adventure!!

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