Vodopad Grlja, Grlja Waterfall in English, is a powerful addition to the small village of Vusanje, Montenegro. The waterfall is powered by water from the amazing natural spring, Eye of the Grasshopper and fresh snow melt from the surrounding Accursed Mountains. The water dives about 12m down into a deep canyon, then connects with water from Ali Pashas’s Spring and flows into Lake Plav.


Grlja waterfall is located in the village of Vusanje just before entering Ropojana Valley. You will come to a large open field where you can park your car. From here just follow the roar of water to the waterfall. You will pass Grlja while hiking from Vusanje to Theth on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. Be sure to stop and check it out!

Vusanje, Montenegro
Vusanje, Montenegro


This waterfall is a display of natures sheer power. In the late Spring and early Summer the waterfall is absolutely gushing with snow melt. This was one of the most amazing displays of power I have ever witnessed. I remember standing there next to the deafening roar of water completely in awe. In early Autumn the waterfall losses strength, but still is a beautiful sight.

Grlja Waterfall
Grlja Waterfall at full power during the spring melt.

During this time, brave adventurers go canyoning in the depths below. I was away in the Faroe Islands this year when the team visited, but there is no way I am missing it this coming year. I’ll be sure to update the article with pictures and videos.

If visiting, be sure to visit the restaurant adjacent to the waterfall. Here you will find traditional cuisine, good coffee and a cold brew. Ask for the owner Adis and tell him I sent you. He will be delighted. He is a fantastic host has no boundaries when it comes to helping travelers.


If you plan on visiting the Accursed Mountains, Grlja Waterfall and countless other attractions are part of a local tour I provide with Balkan Mountain Adventure Company. Adventure is what we do. These experiences have changed my life forever. I want everyone to share the joy of the mountains with me and experience the wonders of my home. BLKNMTN gives you the opportunity to explore like a local and have the adventure of a lifetime. Click the link for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions!


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