I discovered Doberdol after hiking from the village of Cerem on my first ever Peaks of the Balkans Trek. I’ll never forget the sound of my first morning in the village. The sound of hundreds of livestock singing in unison like an orchestra shook me out of my slumber. I couldn’t believe animals could be so loud. I opened my tent to the sight of horses running free and hundreds of sheep grazing. It was in that moment that I knew Doberdol was special.

Doberdol, Albania Peaks of the Balkans
Camping in Doberdol

The remote village of Doberdol is located in the north of Albania, just on the border with Montenegro and Kosovo. Due to it’s elevation of almost 2,000m the village is only occupied in the Summer months. Towering over Doberdol is the famous peak Tromeda. Famous for being the meeting point of the three countries Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. Hike to the top and stand in three countries at once!

Doberdol’s landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. The village is surrounded by crisp steep slopes. The grass is a thick green and the view is unobstructed. Doberdol is one of my favorite overnights on the Peaks of the Balkans because it is the most remote. Here you truly feel connected with nature and the old ways of life.


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HIKE – There are a number of awesome hikes beginning from Doberdol. The most favorite is the hike to Gjeravica, the tallest mountain in Kosovo. Next is to the tri-border meeting point Tromeda. Then, you have the hikes to Cerem, Babino Polje in Montenegro and Milishevc in Kosovo.

Gjeravica Peak
Gjeravica Peak

VISIT THE LAKES – Doberdol has a number of glacial lakes that are a pleasure to visit. From the village they are only a short hike away. Here you can spend the day hanging out and even swimming if the weather is nice enough.

Glacial lake just over the village of Doberdol
Glacial lake just over the village of Doberdol

EXPLORE THE TRADITIONAL LIFESTYLE – The inhabitants of the village are living the way their ancestors have for hundreds of years. You will find them herding animals and making milks and cheeses. Take some time to communicate with them. They will be more than happy to show you the ropes!


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