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This stage of the Peaks of the Balkan Trail takes you from the isolated village of Doberdol in Albania to the small village of Milishevcs in Kosovo. One of the highlights of this trail is the mountain Tromeda. This peak is where the border of Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo meet. After bagging this peak you can proudly say that you have stood in three countries at once. Lace up those smelly boots, put on your backpack and get ready for an adventure with this Doberdol to Milishevc Hiking Guide.

Hiking from Doberdol to Milishevc on the Peaks of the Balkans.



DURATION: 7 hours




This trail begins in the remote village of Doberdol, Albania. Get yourself ready for a climb. The trail starts of with a steep accent to the mountain of Tromeda. While climbing, keep in mind that this is the only major climb of the day. The trail will take you just below the peak. I recommend going to the top because this peak is special. After bagging it you can proudly tell all your friends that you have stood in three countries at once.

After Tromeda, you will continue on the trail bordering Kosovo and Montenegro. On your right you will see Kosovo’s tallest mountain, Gjeravica. On your left you will see the famous Montenegrin Katun of Bogicevica. This part of the trail is my favorite because of the views and the trail. The trial is soft dirt and winds through blueberry bushes. After about two kilometers of this you will lose some elevation and come to a small rest area marked by a dirt road and a few border signs.

Hiking to Milishevcs on the Peaks of the Balkans.

After resting, continue to follow the gravel road North until you officially cross into Kosovo. You will know you’re there when you see a small resting bench on your left together with a map and some trail signs. Walk for about two more minutes on the road and you will see a trail diverging off the left side on the road. Take this trail and follow it as it losses elevation and wraps around the exposed peak on your left. Climb up the rocky trail again and repeat this one more time until you reach a large opening and a valley below on your right side. Descend into the valley taking you down into the village of Roshkodol.

In Roshkodol you are only about 40 minutes from the small hamlet of Milishevcs. Follow the gravel road that leads outside of Roshkodol until you reach an old trail sign when the road diverges left and goes up. Take this road. After a pretty good climb you will reach Milishevcs. Give yourself a pat on the back, take off those dreaded boots and get some rest.


If you like what you see and want to be guided by a local, this hike is a part of the specialized Peaks of The Balkans Tour I provide with Balkan Mountain Adventure Company. Adventure is what I do. These experiences have changed my life forever. I want everyone to share the joy of the mountains with me and experience the wonders of my home. BLKNMTN gives you the opportunity to explore like a local and have the adventure of a lifetime. We also provide a self-guided tour for those who want to take on the trail on their own. Click the link for more information and feel free to reach out with any questions!



I hiked this section of the Peaks of the Balkans Trail solo. I started off with two German friends that I met in the village of Cerem, but we went our separate ways because they were heading to Plav. It was a beautiful, but strenuous hike because I missed my turn to descend into Roshkodol and went too far. The trail does continue along the ridge-line above the village and like most times when you get lost, I thought I was taking a shortcut haha.

This of course, made the hike that much more memorable. I was on day 6 of my trek and exhausted. Little did I know, tomorrows hike from Milishevcs to Reka Alleges was going to be a disaster, but you can read more about why I recommend taking a different route in my Peaks of the Balkans Trail Ultimate Guide. All in all, the hike from Doberdol to Milishevcs is a great section of the Peaks of The Balkans Trail and one you are sure to enjoy.


If you do wish to continue the traditional route, the next stage of the trail is Milishevcs to Reka Alleges.


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