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The Great Valley of Lakes, Buni Jezerce in Albanian, is hands down one of most beautiful places I have been to in my life. If you hike the Peaks of the Balkans Trail or visit this area without witnessing it, you’ve made a tremendous mistake. In hopes that no one makes this mistake, I created The Great Valley of Lakes Hiking Guide. Lace up those boots, pack your day-pack and get ready for an adventure!

Enjoying the refreshing lake water

Now you might be wondering what makes this place so special? This valley rests tucked away like a well kept secret. It lies on the border of Albania and Montenegro and is so remote that visiting feels like you are on another planet.

Six crystal blue alpine lakes are scattered through the valley, with the largest among them being The Great Lake of Buni Jezerce. This is the largest lake in the Albanian Alps and sits at 1,792m above sea level. Some of the highest peaks in the area surround the lakes. Maja Jezerce 2,694m and Maja Bojs 2,461m being the most notable.

July in The Great Valley of Lakes

I know I talk about swimming a lot in my posts, but I have to say that finding the best places for a dip is a specialty of mine. There’s nothing better than cooling off after a hike by jumping into some refreshing water. The lakes in this valley are bucket list swimming locations.


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The Great Valley of Lakes is between the two villages of Theth, Albania and Vusanje, Montenegro. That being said you can start from which ever. From Vusanje you will begin hiking into Ropojana Valley until you reach Katun Zastan. From here you will begin a steep forest climb. Once you come out the forest, you will cross the border into Albania and reach the valley.

If you plan to visit in one day I recommend taking a jeep ride to Katun Zastan because it will save you about 4 hours total and this means more time enjoying the valley. If you want to arrange a ride you can contact me at BLKNMTN and I can take you.

Beginning from Theth you will hike towards Montenegro with Qafa Pejes being the first checkpoint. Once you reach this alpine lake you will continue into the valley until you reach the old communist era bunkers on the trail. From here you will take the trail on your right leading you towards The Great Valley of Lakes.

No matter how you get there, The Great Valley of Lakes is a bucket list item that you must cross off your list when visiting The Accursed Mountain Range.

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