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This section of the Peaks of the Balkans Trail takes your from the Montenegrin hamlet Babino Polje to what is considered the most beautiful lake in all of Montenegro, Lake Hrid and then to Plav. This lake is the highlight of the trail and luckily, I get to call it home. It is by far the one of the best places I’ve swam in my entire life. According to local legend swimming in it’s water grants good health and good luck in marriage. I am healthy, but I’m still waiting to see how the marriage part plays out.

Grab the bag that’s been breaking your back the past 40kms, lace up your damp/rank boots and get ready to try your luck with this Babino Polje to Lake Hrid Hiking Guide.

Lake Hrid on the Peaks of the Balkans.
Lake Hrid



DURATION: 7-8 hours




The hike begins from the small mountain hamlet Babino Polje. There will be a junction in the road marked by a big map and a few trail signs. Here you will be directed by a sign for Lake Hrid. Follow the gravel road that goes up the mountain side. You can either follow this road as it winds through the forest or cut through the small walking trails. Follow this path until you reach Katun Bajrovic. Here you will be greeted by another checkpoint marked with trail signs.

Katun Bajrovic on the Peaks of the Balkans.
Katun Bajrovic

Walk past the small huts and continue into the forest. From here you are only a 40 minutes hike from the lake. This is by far my favorite part of the hike. You will walk through dense pine forests scattered with lush green meadows and small streams. Continue following the trail crossing over a few streams until you get to a small pool of water on your right side. This is “little” Lake Hrid and it means that you a just a few minutes from Lake Hrid.

Hiking to Lake Hrid on the Peaks of the Balkans
Hiking through the forest to Lake Hrid

When you arrive at the lake, take in all the wonder. If you leave this place without a swim, no matter what time of year, you should have never came. I don’t care if you don’t have the right clothes, get naked, do whatever. Just don’t leave this place without being graced by it’s magical waters.

Looking over Bogicevica Rock on the Peaks of the Balkans.
Krs Bogicevica viewed from Hridski Krs

Once you have spent enough time at the lake and had your swim, you are now ready for the hike back to plav. You will need to hike up to the ledge of Veliki Hrid and continue on the ledge until you drop down onto Treskavica hill, past the Treskavica summer huts , and along the Treskavica river, here you will find a small road to cross in the direction on Kofiljaca

The trail leads further along the northern brim of the Kofiljaca mountain and across the Redzov dol to exit the forest at Korita. Korita is the village my mothers side of the family is from and I am very proud that this epic trail passes right through. Follow the dirt road until you hit asphalt. Here take a left and the road will lead you to my Ottoman style home town of Plav.


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The next day on the trail is Plav to Vusanje. Check out the complete guide here.


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